Monday, July 05, 2010

What you waiting for.

Hi blog,

I blogged today because i'm so bored. Whenever i'm bored i feel like eating tons of foooods... Today i had instant noodle, fried dumpling, fries, subway, brownie ice-cream, etc. Ohman, is this alot? :( Fat already!!!!!! But whatever, it doesn't really bother me much! HAHAHAHA! I hope i don't have fatty cheeks, that will do! Hmm feel so damn b-r-o-k-e, seriously. After comtemplating.. i've decided to take up that 3month temp job first and see how things goes. At least i have $$$$. I hope everything will turns out good, the people at work is gonna be friendly, i'm rather a shy person.. Hates to make friends all over again!

Anyway, caught 3 movies this weekends! Awesome, though i'm kind of clueless to some parts of the movie! Gonna catch more movies this weeek! Yeap, & hopefully i'll be able to head to marina b for my kite flying, yay! Alright, thats about it, bye! :)

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