Thursday, July 01, 2010


Hi, just had my hot milo!!! Its almost raining everyday, i prefer the sun...Bahh. Its tgif again! I realize whenever monday comes i wish for friday.. So finally!

On wednesday, i met joce and val in town after the stupid interview with prissy at eunos. The office is mad far inside, freaking way deep inside this corner, legs breaking and so exhausted with all the walking! Today i spent my day doing 'secret!!'.. Hopefully i can finish part of it asap! And tomorrow, i'm gonna meet vel for lunch at hollandv, everything with fries! Been wanting to try that for so long, can't wait. Probably town or so after lunch! Gonna catch eclipse with bb at night! :) It will be a awesome day tomorrow, yes!

Anyway i think i'm lame, i went to create formspring for fun. Probably there will be no one commenting anything. Hahaha! Alright, so gonna head to bed in awhile! Goodnight!

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