Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Love yourself too.


Its pretty early in the morning! I'm wide awake because i'm hungry again.. I just had my breakfast. Ohwell, anyway i really can't stand any longer waiting for replies from those jobs. I just felt like useless, waiting and doing nothing everyday! This is bad. Dear god, will you please grant me a job? So that i can make good use of my time for holidays..

On a random side, i saw this few sentence in the tvee show two days ago. It says: "Love is quite contradictory, when we're together we'll often bricker. But when we're not able to see each other, we missed each other." - I think that is probably part of love i guess... However, i told b about it. He agrees too. That happen quite often recently between us, but we're doing fine. Its just both of us who wanted full attention from each other as we're only able to see each other during weekends... Actually a one full day of sunday together, that is not really quite enough? But not to worry b, i know this is not what we wanted, but we do have a choice to this. We shall learn not to complaint and yak about it! Things will be back to normal hopefully after you've poc or so! I'll be waiting! :)

& somehow i feel quite upset on the other side because of my friends. Well, i'm not referring to anyone in particular so don't get me wrong.. I just felt that no one actually truly understand my side, don't they? I feel kind of drifted from my close ones except that few... I can't seem to figure out where the problems lies. They didn't really bring up to me anything or so and i just thought that everything is fine? I guess its only those people who are actually in a relationship/or someone who experience the same thing before who actually does understand what i was trying to say, yes no?

I really hope i could get to meet my friends up as often as i could. I can no longer text them randomly and ask them out as i like, for shopping, for this and that... Not because i'm not able to meet my bf on weekdays and yet trying to find someone to kill my time with. I gave six days time to my friends and only one full day, perhaps plus three two late nights and a half day to my bf. If anyone has the time for me i will definitely be there. But i felt that i'm the only one to understand people's feelings, who is gonna be there for me and understand my part? I mean friendship is not a chores. We accommodate willingly to each other because we love and treasure each other right? But i hates it when bgf crashes with friendship... Its a two different thing. Everyone of us will long to face this one day... Maybe one will only understand when their time comes...

Hmmm its going 9am yeap, i'm actually suppose to go to the doctor for my back. But i'm really lazy. Mum keeps nagging everyday, can't seems to stand it anymore. - "Blahblahblah, its for your own good." Okayyyyyyyy, fine. :<

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