Friday, June 11, 2010


Hi i think i needa update this space, its almost going a week, a tad too long.
Anyway, this two week was bad, like real bad. Exams is not really over for me yet. I feel like i'm always trying to be ahead of time... Been staying up almost everyday till the next morning just to revise. Unfortunately, my body was weak, so it went haywire, i had a fever a day before the hardest paper, a paper i know i shouldn't fail at all!!!! Now the nightmare that i must pass this fucking paper keeps coming into my dream, if not i might need to remodule! I hope i can do it, i really do.

Anyway is TGIF, finally i get to see the weekends. I can somehow put a smile on my face, as well as i can see that someone who really means a lot to me. He can hear my rants and hug me till i'm asleep.. Also i hope i will have a awesome weekends, cause i seriously think i need to relax and chill. Ohwell, if i'm feeling better later, i'll definitely get my ass out to meet val and joce. I don't wish to stay home and face the tv again, suxx much.

I don't really know what can cheers me up for now, surprises? Hmm, everyone love surprises, don't they.

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