Thursday, June 03, 2010

This is good, go try! :>

Hello. Accounting paper was pretty good? But i forgotten how to do the damn cashflow statement and adjustment for trading profit loss account :( So i did theory, and i left 7m blank!!! I felt so sad after i left the exam room... Oh and my trial balance don't balance at all!?! Nevermind, what is done, is done.

Anyway, i'm currently relaxing in my aircon room plus i secretly went to steal my mum seikisho mask! :P Hahaha, shall skip my sleeping mask for today. But i'm still so bored ttm, haiiiiiiii. Hope tomorrow is gonna be a better day. Yeap, it will cause i'm meeting prissy tomorrow, finally! And bb is booking out tomorrow too, yayness! Brunch + shopping + dinner + movie with bb. Eggcited much! :)

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