Thursday, June 17, 2010

Suddenly i see.

Oh well, tomorrow's friday! Yet another weekends! Hehe, separated from baby only for two days this week, awesome much! I can see him tomorrow again! I think i somehow really like spending time together at home watching dramas and heading to gym with him! Lets do that more often, rather then going town, town and town again..

Hehehe anyway went to search for my 'timtam' today with sister! I saw this really cute one at bugis, omg so gonna get her like tomorrow or saturday! By the way 'timtam' is my new name for my guinea pig. I hope i can sort of overcome the fear of pets, yes i can. Cause everyone knows i'm afraid of pets. HAHAHA, okay sounds pretty stupid here. Ehya, sissy is like so so so so excited than me, she is probably gonna come home everyday just to play with it! :O

In the evening, met veluriya, like finally! After months... Had a great catch up with her, its so fun, if only she could stay longer! But its okay, there is always another day! :> Alright, will be heading to bed early today, i've got some stupid shit talk to attend tomorrow!

Till then!

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