Monday, June 28, 2010


Has anyone ever came across a point of time when you can't possibly put your feelings into words and the past kept haunting you so badly but all you want to do is to cry, so you would feel better? I know it sounds stupid if you're not gonna explain anything and well it doesn't help to solve anything as well.. Sometime, i can't seems express myself well to anyone and not sure if i'm opening up enough too.

I hope i'm doing things well and not messing up anything in friendships and relationships. Cause i'm learning to give and not to take. Its not so easy for me, after so much of shits from the past.. I hope i can get more understanding from people that means alot to me. I can give all the time i have in the world to them, but sometime all i want is understandings and a little time of their for myself, am not asking too much right? I miss alot of people. It reminds me of them when i came across certain things.. Even though i only manage to keep certain people in my life but i guess is enough and i really do treasure them alot.

This is not a emotional post or whatsoever you think i'm having problems kind of post.. Hahaha i just came across lots of stuff recently and i thought alot about it. I love my life now, simple yet sweet..

Alright, hehehe i shall watch my last few episode of dramas and turn in early! Oh and i need a job badly. I hope i'll get one soon, i'm getting poorer and poorer each day. I'll probably blog again when i feel like again to keep this blog alive! Kthx for reading this boring post, bai!

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