Monday, May 10, 2010

Fight for this love.

Ah, moday bluezzz, not. Bb went back to camp today! :< Gonna wait till friday again! Time flies, my weekends ended just like that. Felt like i din't had much time with him..

Last friday, out with the girls in my class + dinner @ hv with baby. Saturday, was out with jeslin + family dinner + marina barrage. Sunday, dinner with b's mum and town for shopping+ long awesome talk with bb :). Today had school + projs meeting.. Oh gosh, two more projs to be done and is due like next week!!!??! This is bad! But i'm sure we can do it right! Hehe! Jessica's gonna ask me to 'continue again', lololol. & work is on this wednesday and thursday, sigh suxxxx so much. Resting days will be tuesday and friday only for this week!

Anyway, i'm gonna go wash up and head to bed early.. Have a good rest everyone!

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