Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hi, just a short one for today before i head to do my work. Met up with val & joce today for dinner + chilling. Headed home after that. Anyway i think...


Idk why too, buying stuff just makes me feel happier! Yeap however i just realize i bought like 4tops 1dress 1skirt 1sandals... & i still have the urge to keep on buying. This is crap. No wonder mum is so mad at me! But some clothes are like from last month whattttttttt. Like f21 kind of thing, she don't seems to understand at all lo :< Okay blame it on me. Mum says that if i buy some more new clothes, she will take scissor and cut! She is so mean... Ohwell, i feel so sad, i think i need to do some self reflections..

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