Saturday, May 08, 2010


Yo! Goodafternoon! Haha, i'm blogging cause i'm bored again! Bb went for his ndp training in the morning (fhl) and i slept all the way at his place till just now, so freaking tired! Head home and got my lunch and meeting jeslin!!!! (I really hope i'll get to meet her, its been a long time, well miss her.) She's such a pig, sometime! Hehe!

Then dinner at night with family at mum's favourite place, for her mother's day dinner! And maybe movie with bb after that? Maybe not? I've got no idea.. Just not 'home' straight after dinner. Its gonna be boring if we're 'seeeeeeeeeee this baby!' :/ Hehehe. Tomorrow is sunday! Its gonna be awesome cause maybe we'll be going to the flyer or something with the tixs i got from my school. As everything is quite done now, the helix bridge, marina bay sand, blahblah it will be as pretty as before right? :)) Okay, guess i got to go now! Jeslin says she will be done in awhile!


Jiajia said...

your blog looks jixu new sia.

dawnn said...

HAHAHA you jixu la jiajia! :O