Friday, November 06, 2009

One time.

Exam's over! Ahhh had a bad experience again today while doing my paper. I blank out all of a sudden. Struggling to remember all those things i've memorize earlier on. Sooo yes, i am the last to leave the exam room okayzxxzx. But however, i still managed to do my paper, thank god! Yes mmm so i headed to cityhall to meet up with naz, val and joce for dinner at marina for hotpot. Its been a long time since we last catch up, awesome. :) Did some shopping, but as usual, i bought nothing in the end :( Left at ten. Ohwell, did mention that i got my two new pair of shoe from rubi yesterday, kinda regretted though! I realize the quality's rlly bad. It seems like it tear rlly easily. I hope it could last like for awhile, at least for now. I'll get like something else next month once i get my pay. Make sure i'll get a pair which is rather expensive, most importantly durable! You don't know how annoying it is to keep on seeing your shoes tear and next you will be going around looking for another pair that you actually feels comfortable with!!! Zomgggg, its only 1230, i can't believe i am home at this hours. I got a free ride home cause of joce's friend earlier on so i got home rather early today. Eh i'm so bored now and bb went club for birthday celebration.. OHOH talking about that, happy birthday jeslin ^^ lurvelurve you, hahaha! Lets meet up for another shopping session, hopefully i get something this time round!

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