Saturday, April 09, 2011

What are words?

Sup, its weekends again! But tomorrow's sunday, which means monday is approaching! :( Hate work mazzzzzzzz.

Aww, I'm home on a saturday night, sad much. I've lost the feeling of being out on weekends with my love one, cause seems like I haven done that for such a long time. But of course I do enjoy whenever I'm out with my dearest girlfriends. It's just... Can't explain..

Was in town with cass bbg earlier on, we walked from one end to another and skipped club. Well, I must agree that it was boring because what's new in town? Haha, but it's such a great catch up with her! & Jolyn and prissy better meet up soon!

Yesterday, val's birthday - USS/ESKI BAR.

Some pictures but super lousy quality:

Alright, I'd better head to bed soon! Bye!

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