Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Temper is what gets us in trouble, pride is what keeps us there.

Sup! Its tuesday, 3 more days to weekends!! But I'm not really kind of looking towards it... Anyway, I'll be meeting chrissy tomorrow as I've got a half day offset! Gonna do something awesome, hopefully! Yayy! I can at least be happy for now!

Ok, hasn't been in the good mood for the past few days.. I think b, we're in a very bad terms now. I admit that I'm selfish and I may be harsh at certain things, but it's just to protect myself from getting broken.. Trust and respect needs to be earned, without that everything falls apart. Each time I will try to pretend nothing has happen than to think why is it happening to us. It's like apologizing and letting it go every single time. I really feel tired doing this all over again. I'd give up anything just to be your everything. I know you do too.. Since we're not able to change what has happened, I really hope both us can learn to appreciate what we've before time forces us to appreciate what we've lost?

When a heart is true, there's no need for words; because even in silence, love can be heard. Live simply, expect little and give much.

I miss you... I wonder if you feel the same way too.

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