Saturday, March 26, 2011


Hi, how's everybody? :)

I'm feeling much better this days..
I tried to look on the brighter side of my life. I learn to take things easy. I believe some friends are meant to be in your life while some are not. Friends can be really nice at times but some can be really nasty.

Haters, strangers or anyone, all I've been through. Some really became part of my life while some they just messed up mine. SO MAYBE IF YOU ARE LIKE READING THIS, you would like to mind your own business alright, thanks?

I don't really know if that person was you but I guess. I don't remember myself having too many screwed up friend like you, so duh? And : *I just want you to know that people were really there for you when all your 'best friends' - that you consider them that left you for those reasons that I pretty much don't agree in the first place, but for now I'm speechless.. Stop trying to get opportunities to go out and spout nonsense that weren't even true? Not everyone thinks like you and feels like you. Worst, you are such a boot-lick-ers? Being your friend needs your acceptance to 'this and that' about whoever you are saying. Please understand someone personally before you try to agree with others blindly. Oh God, seriously you think that you are so wonderful? Go take a look at the mirror. No one ever says anything because they don't bothers and probably they will be like slut much, who cares.

Enough. We aren't like sixteen anymore. Jealous? Stop trying to destroy people's life cause you can't be like them.

I don't really know what else to say, I could only conclude that you are one of a kind, shameless and I'm disgusted by you.

WELLLLLLLLLLLL, I shall stop here.. I hope I can update more often. &&& Have good day everyone! :)

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