Friday, February 25, 2011

Dance on, dance on..

Hi to anyone that might happen to dropped by here!? I haven blog for a damn long period of time as you can see. And this is so going to be a sad post.

Kind of feel like I need to write out somehow cause I don't think telling anyone does helps because no one actually understands me. I'm weird, I've a problem and I'm sensitive. I like to be alone, keeping quiet at times when I feel uncomfortable with anything. Don't ask me why, I'm just like that. Or perhaps I'm just afraid to get hurt all over again. It's sad to be reminded of the past.. It breaks my heart and makes me want to die. Oh well, I guess my personality haven change a bit after so long.

Sighed, been in this state for quite sometime.. Or can I say, 'been there, done that'. It's just another replay. At times, I really wonder beside all the friends I've met, the new or old and how many will turn their back on me again? I don't doubt them. I'm just afraid because I love my friends. They say: 'people come and go', how true. I'm insecure in many ways, you might think that I'm insane, but hell yeah I'm not. I just want a friendship that is simple yet happy being together. I really do not need those that always think that their right in everything, at least please have the courtesy to understand people difficulties, instead of trying to have second thought of that person. You wouldn't know how it feels if you weren't at the state before. Try putting people in their shoes, I always do but do you? The first step of putting blame on someone is considered the wrong move. I dislike to explain myself, trying to make things back on the right tracks because it doesn't change a bit of anything. If people are able to accept who you are but why can't you do the same thing too? I don't why people only can look on the picture itself, have you ever look at the bigger view? If you do, you can see many happy things or anything that the person have shared together with you.

On my side, I'm struggling so badly. Knowing my own mistakes, changing, but I don't really know myself anymore. Everything seems to be wrong, I'm tired of everything and how else can I do anything. I guess I will let things be as of now and I need to set some boundaries.

Enough said.

On the other side, I'm happy because I get to meet up with @westartariot and @deadcircuslove last night. Love you two as always.

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