Monday, May 31, 2010

I should be studying since 8 but i'm missing my boy so badly now. :( though he can be real annoying sometime.. but i still love him alot! 4days away till i can see him again!

Anyway, i hope i can do as much revision as i can today.. Seriously hate theeeee late minute kind of thing.. I'll need to wake up like 6am to revise!?!? i did that today morning.. Ugh, so yaa f&b paper suxxx much. Everything i studied din't really came out, what's out is only worth less than 10m. Irritating ttm. Topic given is kind of not really related uh. Whatever, i hope i won't fair badly, at least a C will do. So that i'll feel that all the effort i put in for my studies are worth it.. K gtg now!

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