Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yoohoo. Finally i get to blog! I guess i'm becoming more a lazy bum very soon. Ohwell, its tuesday, a boring one as usual. Had school and work in the late afternoon! Sales was bad, as in real bad? Okay whatever.. Done with two days of work and i'm like free till my next week schedule is out, awesome. Was on the phone with baby earlier on, few more days till baby is out! I miss him like hell lots, always felt something missing from me when he is not around. :(

Yeap, its 1217am, no online shopping for me because i'm frigging broke? Haha. Spent too much on clothing, shoes yada yada. The only thing i got for myself since i'm back from bkk was the 'polkadot blazer' fullstop. See bb i'm such a goodgirl!!!! Though i see rather lots of other things i wanna get but not so soon i guess? Anyway talking about online shopping, you might wanna head to (http://www.lovepaperriot.blogspot.com) to take a look.

Yay, got something to share! The above pair of gucci flats b bought for me is my new love. I know i'm kinda crazy about shoes now. Sooooo even though i got another new love, i'll still love you my sal ferragamo. Uhuhhhhh, alright enough of all the shoesss.. Haha, i guess i need to turn in school before i couldn't wake up for lesson tomorrow! So nights.

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