Friday, January 01, 2010


Hi to all after so long! Oh time flies, 2009 had ended.

It was such a walking disaster in the early of 2009 for me but a memorable one at the end. First, it was hell for me after receiving my o's result, it really took me so much courage for me to overcome my fear.. till i finally see that there is actually something out there for me. Currently, i've not much to say about my studies, but i'm absolutely doing fine right now! :) Yeap and r/ship with family isn't doing really good at first but as time passes, its better now! Hope that we'll always stay this way!

Next, i was caught in a bad romance, with joey. After going through hell lots of shit together, we still remain as friends, most importantly he made me realize lots of stuff. Thanks for knocking some sense into me! And afterall it isn't that bad and i decided to moved on, yes i did (though it seems really impossible at first) Cause i kinda screw myself up by heading to club/started smoking and yadayada getting myself into deeper shit (those who are close with me should know) Well, i could only say 'players are players.' However, i still found that someone who i think that he is unlike any others and i gave my heart to him. Yeah, its rather a long story how we both got together cause everything turns out to be unexpected... Although we are only months old, but i still wanna thankyou for being part of my life, really enjoy every moment together with you, i love you gordon. Get well soon sweetheart!

Lastly, it is basically all about friendship. Drifted with some and found some new ones. Somehow, frankly speaking i'm not living in my own world at all, but i guess i'm kinda a ultimate insecure person at most of the time (or can i say there is a point of time, perhaps being really drown in my bad romance kinda thing) and feel that i could only really open up myself only with certain groups of people or with individual. Yes, i'm totally so proud of myself that i could actually step out of my comfort zone to meet new people, rather than being only open to the one i'm close with. It all started out working at hajilane, thats how i met eldora (love her tonzxzx lah, will jixu one okay! the english like nice only hahahaha) someone who share common interest and stuff with me and through her i met other friends too. Later on, i met prissy and cass (babygirlyy/thats how i like it yeah! weewoowee) through desmond. As time goes on, i enjoy hanging out together with them and we met up quite often, as a result they somehow became my close ones. Yesyesyes, like i've said, i started school in august as well, of course i have awesome classmates like corinne/ct/tt/sindy and all! I've also started working and joined 'thebox' family. They've got fun people over there too (val/grace/ivy..) Not to forget about jes/chrissy/val/joce/vel (each has its own story of how we came close) who made me see that what real friends are, that there is more to only those close old friends and not all are trustworthy and real. They basically forget about what you've been through with them, and they do not have the "forgive and forget" kinda thing and they hold grudges, you know 'actions speaks louder than words'. Aww, i guess it doesn't really matters to me anymore... enough said cause i already have those awesome ones around me &&&&& just wanna say to those i love, thanks for everything and being there at my lowest point of my life, love you all babies! Let's forget about those unhappiness and keep those memorable moment close to our heart! Uh huh, have a great 2010! ♥ ♥ ♥

Mmmm, i took almost and hour plus to type this out! Kinda the longest post at the moment. Ah gotta go see how's my baby doing, poor boy who fall sick yesterday! Ohoh had quite a fun time yesterday with yx and chrissy! ;) okay till then, bye!

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