Friday, August 14, 2009

Catch me.

Hello you. Had lesson @ 330 to 630. Met up with jocye for dinner at vivo. Shopped again, like always. I realize i've got four new dresses and a top. I think i'd better stop buying clothing before mum starts nagging me for always spending. But it makes me feel good. Retail therapy, i like.

Oh well do you believe in horoscope? I don't, but this one sound so true.. Some kind like what i've told jocye earlier on.

"You are feeling particularly emotional today, Scorpio, and it is hitting you like a ton of bricks. It may feel impossible to get this person off your mind, but you are going about it the right way by keeping busy. Don't focus on the bigger picture right now, or even the bigger feelings at play. You've done the work, and put it all out there, now is a time for patience. Remember that you get what you put out, so feeling despondent will do you no good. Waiting this one out is going to pay off ten fold in the long run."

I'm running out of words. The whole paragraph above just describe how i felt the whole day. This just sucks v much isn't it.

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