Monday, July 27, 2009

Second time round.

Alright am so freaking bored that i re-painted my nails, cause am waiting for my video to load and there is nothing i can do but just to blog hop around blogspot/lj and chitchat. My hands are so itchy that i so wanna shop again, luckily i stopped myself in time, if not i'll be so dead to survive with so little moos. Now i feel like eating, but i ate too much snacks today. Also i think i did better stop commenting on people's fb just for fun, hahah extremely random uh? And now, am on lookbook, looking on those awesome pictures, clothes, this and that yadayada. Looking at those pictures reminded me that i hate my teeth for, the gaps is taking forever to close up, saddd X 10021784777. This week is my last week and i hope i can enjoy hell much, hopefully i get to watch a movie this week. Wokayyyyy whatever man, my post is getting no where i guess? This is lame, oh god.

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