Thursday, May 07, 2009

Wrong Vs Right.

To summarize my week:

Last saturday, town & holland v walawala with two Es one L and a B. Hahaha and it turns out to be quit shitty though. Whoops, so sorry jim beam coke doesn't taste v nice.
Last sunday, caught X-men wolverine with eldora and some other friends. I think a total of nine of us. It was holland v for dinner after movie. And a free ride home.
Monday, (outtttt) if you know then you know, if not too bad. Hahahah. (blank staresss)
Tueday, town with my bffs valerie (i'm still angry with you that you kept changing our plans lol) and joycelyn plus three of her friends. Anyway its always pleasant hanging out with you girls. Meet up soon! Okay doky (insert smiley facessssss)
Wednesday, dental dental dental! Neon pink pink pink! Aww, not my favourite colour though. Town for dinner with sister and get prezzie for mum mom mummy mama.
Thursday, just rot my day away! How cool! Ding dong*

What's tomorrow?

I AM SERIOUSLY V LAZY TO BLOG. MSN IS SUCH A BITCH, always get disconnected, don't leave me any offline messages or whatever, i wouldn't be able to received them. Tyty. Gosh my left eye hurts alot (can't winkk) lqtm. Damn, and i am so xin ru dao ge (i don't think is the right phrase to use) tonight, i'm drown with many many many thoughts. Hawhawhawhaw. I feel like (insert word here) so tempting... Alright i'm so bird talking again uh.

Friendship isn't a big thing
it's a million little things.

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