Thursday, July 31, 2008


ugh. i'm seriously very tired. seems like everyday i'm tired. i'm hungry too. sis told me that there is MILKBREAD. but ended up is milk,bread. i feel like slapping her lah. so i ended up drinking the whole cup of hot coffee to make myself feel awake just now. but it doesnt work for me at all. and i feel so uncomfortable now. aye shit. omgg. i needa study for my test tmr. i can't afford to like wake up like 430 again to revise. like what i did today. i woke up at 430 to finish up my courseworkB(it is suppose to be done in school)but i...haha however its donedonedone!:D yay! left with coursework A. :O anyway headed for cg after the extra lesson ended with ch today. had movie(behind the mask or smth)the show lasted one and the half hour. i guess i only watched like thirty minutes of the movie. HAHAHA but i get what the movie was talking about la uh. so like ya. homed after that. :) ehh i guess i really needa go carry on with revision! yup.

this is just cowshit please. i''ve always thought that if we ought to always treat others how we would want to be treated,because in my truthful judgment,they never really treat you back the same(yeah its always like that huh) and seriously just sick and tired of everything. i've really got no idea what you are trying to do. i'm not sure if you get to see this,(as in if you would be that smart to know that i'm about you! )(i guess if you do,you will be like... ...)i don't care man. whatever is it. i just can't take it anymore. that will be the very last time i'll tell you anything. you are just irritating,just stop acting.(f,in the first place,why do i care so much about it) ohwell.

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