Friday, June 13, 2008


hello. i am bored. today was sucha bad day manzxz! totally stuck at home the whole freaking day due to cramps. one of the worst i ever had! sighhhhh its 239am now. i've got no idea why am i still online. HAHAHA i wanted to sleeeeeep like since 12am but i've got a lame friend who wants me to play tic tac toe with him to keep him awake. & tic tac toe is so boring la keeps on drawing. until one part he say : "eh walao entertain me leh,let me win once la!" i was like ya la ya la. irritating. hahah. why is everyone asking me to play game with them. msn game is so lame please. ehhhhh tmr cg is going tsemin's house for okios. it's her birthday today so yeah happy birthday to you! :) okayokay. everyone is so like sleeeping now except i'm talking to a few ppl. anyway i want to change my phone & freak i almost got that lg KS20 phone please! just sosososo nearly. ohman. i want an ipod nano too. hahahahah but i am not so rich. come monehhh come. drop down from heaven pleaseeee! oh no its 3am already got to fly now! bye! sweet dreams!

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