Sunday, April 20, 2008

God is good.

:} ahhhhh just done with my geo hmwork! like finally. hmm was rather lazy and kinda busy again to update. hahaha! oh i guess i am always finding excuses! anyway well,i guess i could only summerise my week as there are too many thing which happened and i cant remember much. alrightt,its been a rather coool weeek,met up with the two woman on friday to town for dinner & all. yeah & supposed to meet lynette on sat for study but i dint turn up. so sorry,my bad. this sat okay brace girl! :D as usual went for service today,it was gooood. after service went to meet j girl. haha that stupid woman who took so long to choose something. lol. pissed me off somehow. but its okay! & i am so in love with the cute softoy she bought for her decoration. hahahah. ehhh anyhow i am super hungry now,waiting for sis to come home with my dinner. she is taking forever,cute nehzxz. ( i really like my blog song,i wonder if it suppose to be a sad song or a happy one) haha

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