Saturday, March 29, 2008

I am different.

hello! back from service. was quite fun! miss the people there. glad that they remember me tooo. saw many many of them. had lil conversation with those ppl. :DD! had dinner with nigel cell after service. okay super funny i tell you. lame ppl. most of them ate duck rice,so we got two big bowl of free soup la. so no one actually touches the soup. so its kind of waste. that smartass nigel suggested the game. so i lost the first round and last round and altogether i drank twelve spoon full of the awful soup. yuckssss. darn smelly i tell you. ): lol dont laugh at me please. hahahah/ ohyeah just remember that last sun i went to watch the orphanage with wq,t,d at kallang leisure as usual,that stupid place. its okay i dont have to travel. :O it was a damn boring show okay. dont watch it. hmm maybe it isnt,its just me..& i was pisssssed with someone la. but afterall everything is fine now. one weeeeek. HAHA. whatever. sianzxzxzx/ alright i needa go nowwww! i'll be sleeping at 230am today. coooool. talk to me talk to me on msn! sorry to the people who i did not reply to yesterday cause i wasnt at the com at all. anything important do msg me like what hc did. nearly five am in the morning. lol. okay byeeeeeeeeeee/gohjiali i see you soon okay. loveeeeyou. :}