Tuesday, April 01, 2008

When if.

aye,my blog its damn boring la. no pictures and nothing. :( for yesterday,shant elaborate about school. but however i meet up with jiali in the evening for cold rock. :D weeeeeeeee,its super nice la! mint+doublechocos+rasberrry! chatted for like few hours and then headed home. yup & today was a damn boring day for me. after school i went to ghim moh's po to mail out some stuff. so like i went to buy an $1.50 stamp using the sam machine. ugh,was freaking piss i tell you. the machine cheated my monnehh man. its not about how much more i got to pay la. its like when you made payment you insert the coins,and then the amount on the screen would kept on reducing until "$00.00",and tadahh there goes your stamp. but this time round the amount did not change,its stuck and seem like its forever the same. &&&&& i feel like an idiot to kept on inserting the coins until i am left with none can. so irritating! ah forget it! but hmmmmmm,i am still kind of poor now even i sold my hvv flock. however,i need more mooolah huh ): chicken man. and for today in my whole life,i did something damn embarassing please/ i think i am really stupiddzxz times 12151454411125. really. i dont know where to hide my face.