Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Skinny love.

I've learn that being nice doesn't get you anything in return but at least you know you've tried it and you tell yourself is fine. But sometime it is not alright at all. What would you do? Hmm.. From today onwards, I think no matter what happens I will only keep it to myself and turn to no one. I'll save myself from those unnecessary troubles. It seems like the more I care about something and it always turns out to be in a bad shape. At times, I tend to not tag along with people when I felt that I'm hurt by the actions or words. Sorry if I turn away and give you the bad 'aura' that I'm sad, mad, or whatsoever at you. That's me...

Anyway, I guess I can sum up that I kind of enjoy my last weekends. Although, this week is gonna be hectic but its Wednesday tomorrow, so two more days to weekends! :)

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