Wednesday, May 19, 2010


And even when the wind is blowing, we'll never fall just keep on going, forever we will stay, like a pyramid.

Sup. School is out, i'm only left with exams which is in two weeks time. Awesome much. Hehehe, its been so long since i blog. Yknow sometime you are just lazy.. Anyway its the 20th tomorrow.. Yay which means issssss our anniversary baby. Time flies, its our seven month. :) Although you're not able to be here and celebrate with me, but its okay, i'll still see you on friday!! Really would like thank you for your last text, it totally makes my day!! Love you bb.

Alright, need to go and get my stuff done by tonight, will be working tomorrow, kind of my last day? Happy?!? Perhaps. Gdnight!

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