Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hi, i'm pretty lazy to blog. I'm so busy with my life now. School to work to (blahblahblah) Anyway, I've got workshop tomorrow, but i'm not sure if i should turn up. Everyone is not going, yes? Whatever. Some dumb workshop, with long hours of talking makes people feel like sleeping..

Browsing through some blogs few minutes ago.. I'm not too sure if i should laugh or be sad or (inset any emotions) with what i saw. Just feel that some people tend to pretend too much. It doesn't irk me but.. Hahaha, i guess only the outsiders can see everything. Ohwell, i shall just keep reading, awesome much. Alright, needa sleep soon. Cough syrup is making me drowsy now. & Baby is booking out tomorrow, yay, can't wait for the weekends. Goodnight!!!!

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