Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Electro pop.

Hi, third post for today. I am so bored over here. I can't seems to be doing things that needed to be done asap. :( Ohgosh, i am feeling so sleepy now!? Today, basically, i slept almost the whole day, like so terrible. Probably is due to yesterday, started work at amk hub. I know that the work place is kinda far for me, but luckily is only a day, hahaha, the rest of the days will be at town areas. Oh & i met valerie, my workmate. Is so fun working with her, a girl with full of craps, but sadly i won't be working with her everytime though :( Anyway bb came to fetched me from work and sent me home. ^^ Tomorrow is bb offday, which means i get to see him again, can't wait! Gonna head to bed late tonight, got to go now for now, gdnight!

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