Monday, October 05, 2009

Always getting over you.

I'm not special, unique, or life-changing. But every once in awhile, I realize how happy I actually am.

I think i'm suffering from stm. I took so long to remember what i did the whole week. I was so occupied by school and still school.. Lesson is sort of always in the afternoon session, and time seems to passed so fast everyday. But i still did spent my time wisely, haha. Anyway for monday, school was in the morning session, i managed to meet up with prissy for the whole afternoon, had our ffn together, did some catch up. :) And tuesday over to parkview for potluck again, hahaha. Wednesday, met up with sister and her friends for lunch + l4d + dinner. Thursday, i decided to rest at home and friday head out with g and chill out out at hv in the night with the rest. Saturday, seven with some of the guys for adrian and zul 's advance birthday celebration. & for today, got home at 8 in the morning and yes i slept the whole damn day, omg wasted a day like that, my plans for today is like ruin, *screams* Nevermind, i'm so going to bed soon. Ah and i'm like having a flu and cough again, damn.

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