Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Aww, what a day! Holidays ended! :( & i dread going to school today. Slept at like 23o last night, almost doze off during lesson time. Marketing is so boring. Idk, like srsly why the lecturer needs to keep on repeating the same old thing over again.. Anyway kinda had a great weekends last week besides the moody part which ruin my nights so badly. Gave zouk a missed on sunday night cause mama don't allow me to stay out, damn. But however Mind cafe in the afternoon with cousins was fun and yesterday a public holiday, over at the guy's condo, had a awesome dinner together with them. Oh yes, recently i realize i rlly rlly had a bad vision this days, idk if i'm having some infection or whatsoever, everything i see is so so so so freaking blur. Ah, damn bored right now, doing some online shopping and so gonna complete my gg season 3 and american next top model later.. Alright, bye!

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