Saturday, September 19, 2009

If only.

Hi, since i'm free, i'd better use this time to update my blog. Ohwell, had farewell for matt, cause he's going back to london for studies! Anyway, clarke q indo chine to drink and i puked like mad cause kenny kept making me lose for the five ten game. According to them i merlion-ed!! El was rather giddy only, luckily she's fine, if not.. After the whole thing, i felt freaking bored and was hoping they could go somewhere! So ended up, the six almost gone but not gone people cab to paradiz for l4d! Nice game! Haha cab home with matt and was v dead at six in the morning, slept all the way till two in the afternoon! Alright, lastly, i need to apologize to chrissy for not able to make it for the surprise party! Yeah and happy 18 to you k, hope you had a blast! Also london boy please take care of yourself, see you the next holiday man! Bon-voyage! :>

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