Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Today, moving forward has never felt so good -- and it has never been more possible.


School started on last tuesday, which sucks v much cause its freaking boring but i've pat to keep me accompanied, hehe! Rushed to work after that! A super duper busy day at work, headed home pretty late. Next day, i fall sick with a high fever... But however, i still went to school for my comm skills lesson and headed for dental and work. Left for home halfway through when working cause i was feeling vvvv shitty. Trying so hard to rest the whole night, hiding under my blanket... :( Fever subsided the next day. Luckily, i had no lesson on thursday so i rested till noon and went for work. Dinner with prissy and s after that. Friday, went to school for the sake of accounting, but stupid school have mixed up the timetable so my class eventually went to school for nothing and the lesson is postpone to this coming friday, how annoying please! So went to vivo with classmates in the mean time before work since none of us wanna head home. Parted with them and left for work after that. Was pretty down at night because i headed home early partly due to prissy who ended work earlier than me/that stupid ass who supposed to meet me but in the end... I slept early that night with an empty stomach and a bad quarrel with mum... The next day, surprisingly mum had breakfast for me in the morning and yadayada and i left for work cause i was on a full shift. After work, left to meet randi/marline/jocye for shisha instead of club cause of some reasons. Later they left to somewhere while i decided to go home but due to no respond from mum after calling her a million times, i went to meet d and spent my whole night slacking there. Left for home in the morning and slept for few hours before heading for my last day of work. What a day with a bad sore throat/flu/cough (i sound like a tranny i swear), i am losing my voice and i so wanted to drink the whole bottle of cough syrup badly as well, seriously can't stop coughing. After work, had dinner with prissy at xingwang and met leo to chill and movie "where got ghost" at thecathay, home around one ish plus.

Basically, my previous week was so about school and working. Finally the private sales had come to an end, so now i could relax and concentrate more on my school work unless i want to commit as a part timer. Work was seriously so tiring, with those irritating taitais around, one who could actually try like more than twenty pieces of tops/pants at a time. Making us folding and hanging back everything probably countless time... Sometime looking at the pile of clothes makes me feel like jumping in to swim, haha. But in between, we had lots of fun and i will definitely miss dion and joey who actually rlly take care of trainees like us! & eedah that crazy woman too! :) Hopefully we get to see each other sometimes soon in the next private sales. Lastly, two things that happened last week that make me so happy! Firstly, is this rlly nice sandals that i once wanted to get from topshop and you know i bought it at a dirt cheap price, am so so so happy over the moon! And secondly my f21 top arrived! Weeeee, ^^v yayness totally! Ohwell, for today town with corinne after school instead of ikea! & met up with sister for dinner! Hehehe, its been a long long time since i actually posted a long post! &&&& i miss el, haven been seeing her lately. If you are reading this you know what to do! :>

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