Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day & night.

Yesterday, finally met up with prissy in the late afternoon, cass joined us later on. Dinner/hang around ps and left for home at eight. Changed and met jocye under my blk and left to hv to find leo and friends for Mimolete. Alright together there is fourteen of us who went, its just rather plain over there, not my kind of stuff, unless those who loves open air &&... Left for phuture @ one. Hmm, i realize i always lost my friends halfway through, everyone likes to go seperate ways, haha. This sounds so stupid. Somehow idk why jocye left to have supper with one of my friend, and i don't even know about it. The part when she isn't picking up my calls, pissed me off so badly and got me worried. Ohwell, yes i din't enjoyed much cause half the time i was actually taking care of this drunk cousin's of eka.. Super duper funny. Soooooooo i happened to have too much or so at the end and i happily just dropped the cup on the floor and i swear i didn't do it on purpose, omg is just so damn embrassing, i got rlly stunt as well :/ Whatever just not that well, quite gone. But anyway i still got home safely around five. :> Anyway, i'm not so sure if there is going to be pictures. Leo's cam is damn lousy! Hahah. Alright, need to stay home and finish up my work. I must i must i must i must i must i must i must i must i must i must i must i must do it by today!!

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