Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Run free.

Oh man, i find blogger really weird, have got some problems over here. Tried to blog so many time today but it wouldn't work at all. Anyway had dental in the afternoon today after work, thanks jes for going with me (xoxo bitch). And i shopppped today, got two new stuff from best of blogshops, awesome spent 60 bucks there, definitely more to come. Supermarket with mum got hell lots of snacks, and finally stocked up my maggie, yayness! Ahhh third day of work, damn tiring... Would have gone for ripcurl job if they needed full-time people like during jan instead of now. But its so fun man, totally an different working experience. I've got headache now man! I'm so not used to waking up early and staying up late! And my teeth hurts so much tooo :( Feeling so cranky.. Alright, i so need to rest now, waking up early tomorrow again.

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