Thursday, July 09, 2009

My hands.

Hello world. Work was tiring, i quite dislike it though, had never tried f&b, never will i want to work something like that in future anymore after this job. Anyway i'm gonna take up another job just for five days in paragon. Well, sounds like i'm so in need of money by working so many jobs, lol. Alright, monday have got no work, was out with el to bugis/hajilane and dan joined us later on. Tuesday, work and dinner in town with val and joyce. Wednesday and thursday, all i can say is rest rest rest and still rest. I am super duper exhausted. OH YES MAN, something random i must say is that watermelon lollipop is so damnnn nice, it flew all the way from aussie, you know you know! I'm like eating now! Awesome! & TOMORROW'S FRIDAY, YAY!

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