Saturday, May 02, 2009


Hi once again! It rained today! Hahaha and i smiled! Okay this is so random.

Alright somehow and maybe i felt so much better, hope you girls felt the same way too. So finally i realized where the problem lies. I'm totally glad i actually took the initiative to talk to everyone cause i felt i needed to know and needs to change. But i guess things weren't very much clear just now cause i was really out of words. (sorry if i was defensive sharon) So now I really wanna take this chance and sincerely apologized for everything which had happened and was true that i've done it, yes and pretty hurts some of them i guess, i'm really sorry. I blamed myself v much cause i've never aware that my actions had left such a impression to most of you. As i know what is done cannot be undone, so i hope as times passes, everything could start afresh like what we used to be, no more awkward feelings and all. Yes thats if only i'm given another chance to prove myself that i will change for the better. I believe that time tells...

Hmmm, need to head for my sack now. Goodnight.

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