Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hello people! Stay home for saturday night cause got home pretty late due to friday. Leo's birthday at his house rooftop and phuture/rebel with them. Thanks to cheney, got in for free. Okay. It wasn't that fun at phuture compared to rebel, so unexpected. Most of them are not into club, that makes them kept walking in and out... Thats the annoying part. Well, shan't elaborate the dancing part. A you just owe me big time! Remember that! Hahaha. Stayed home for saturday night and caught hsm2 on the tveee since i din't get to watch that time. Slept early and woke up the next day and had a date with t... T-E-N-N-I-S! Three powerful coach to coach me, thanks bruthers, hahaahah. Anyway its fun but tiring. After that, supposed to catch a movie but we skipped that and head for ell fur dee instead together with two of leo's siblings. Yeah, and got a free ride home. Thats the weekends for me. Gotta hit the sack asap after i finished my last episode of boys over the flowers. Ta. XO

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