Thursday, October 30, 2008

Right now.

hmm another paper just ended. dont know if i can score. but :D few more to go! oh well,i so wanna get the ralphlauren and coach bag cause sis's friend could get them at cheaper price in us butt i cant spend because// urghhhhhhhhhhh. nevermind if i've got money in future then i'll get it. (but impossible) dont laugh please. :O however i guess sing's price would be so much different.

let me show you the chio stuffs. hahah

lol i know is damn black. hahaha. but i still love black. hohoho do you love them too? :) say yes! eh man halloween tmr, i wannaaaaa go night safari. anyone wanna go? 50buckaroos yozxzx. :O
i'm lack of confident :(

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