Saturday, April 05, 2008

My love will get you home.

:} first of all do visit and alrightttt,pretty please? anyway had tuition today. it wasnt really that boring. but something sucky its that in the evening it started raining so i borrowed umbrella from jervis and and guess what? after i reached the bustop,the rain stopped. omgzx its damn lame la. stupid tarts please. i got to like bring that huge umbrella home and bring back next time. ugh. anyway sank you :) hahaha. then went home for like awhile and went out to meet amanda for study. we both were kinda like talking all the way,dint really study. but i finished my homework. lol. ehhhhh. i miss coldrock. i know i am random buttt still..haha its damn awesomezx can. alrighttt i needa go sleep now,cause i am chatting with myself,that person isnt replying me. boring~