Friday, February 23, 2007

my angel,

hello! haha. so busy nowdays. okay. past few days had alot of test. i always found out last minute,so it was quite rush,but manage to study though. yst went aunt house to eat steamboat again. it was the third time. so boring. lol. chatted & reach home at 10pm. rush for my study. i'm not sure whether will i do well,but i hope so. (: alright i'm so addicted to the show,thanks andrea for that webby,it works very well,not like utube,load super slow. anyway i'm watching episode 7 now. hahahah! alrighty,going to prepare to meet leen & hc alrdy. byebye! i'll update again tonight if i remember.


went lan shop play audition. lol. 1.50$ per hr. hah. after that take cab to ps to meet yulin. then after a long time we decided to go town. took mrt. then went fareast to eat. then shop around. went bk outside slack after that. walk to cine & i took triple one home.