Friday, January 05, 2007

life your name up.

now is 12am alrdy,kinda tired. yay! tmr is sat that means i can sleep till very late. hahah. woke up at five thirty cause of dont know what luh. left house quite late but then reach school just on time. lol. had three diff double period,ss,chem & chinese. had chinese at hall. damn cool luh. all the work given is copy one. hahaha. after finishing we watch the sec one performance till twelve. went back class till sch ended. had guide cca talk till five plus. took bus with sulin, eileen & serene,then went to serene's house for bbq. lynette came & waited till around seven for huichin,sharon & eileen to come with the food. SO started our BBQQQQQQQ,the rain is like playing with us luh,it rains & stop rains & stop. so stupid. WE damn steady bbq in the rain :DD hah. almost finishing eating the rain stop. then some swimming,some hiding inside the poncho. lol. then took photos. packed up,i left first. bus one nine six & home!:D

if thats the way.

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