Thursday, January 11, 2007

empower me.

oh no. was late again,that bloody bus. then the principle was like "i want you to call your parents now!" call parents then call parents lah. WLAO,then i dont know what lah,SOMETHING BAD HAPPEN. JUST THAT I REALLY GET SCOLDED by my parents. blah~ anyway i was damn angry with mdm long,she is just wasting my time. so stupid lah,made me study for like nothing. wtf. grr~ :@ actually i hate thurs the most,all the lesson damn boring. during physic lesson jiali msg me that she is coming to ntss to visit me! lol. so meet her after school,just slack in school cause had to attend cell at night cant join the rest for the temesek club thingy,i also not that sure what will they be doing today. so went home at four then at five it was raining heavily,went cell at six. today got no cell lesson,just kinda slack lah,so ended early. bus home with pris,ch & sh. yup,so gtg for now. (:

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