Tuesday, December 26, 2006

sweet lil things.

yst woke up in the afternoon,went to hz's house,slack around luh. kinda bored. play taboo,UNO,computer. had dinner,bus home,thinking that actually this christmas is the worst ever spend in my whole life,but who cares? it ended. pass presents to nicole, ignitius,jieying & met this kind soul sam at ten to about twelve,chatted till around christmas end. yeah thanks alot,my best friend (:

today,decided to slack at home. anyway five more days to 2007. i hope it wouldnt be the same like christmas,so stupid. i wanne watch the pretty firework like last year at esplanade. i'm not really down anymore. just a lil bit. i think i'm actually happy luh,maybe i'm not. haha. i dont know :)>): is okay,it doesnt matter. so gdbye!

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