Thursday, December 21, 2006

free to run,run to win. camp stefanoB.

HEY EVERYBODY. i'm back! haha.

well,our past can be hindrance or a help in moving toward God's purposes for each of us. for some,the past has meant pain and heartache. for others,memories of past successes obstruct our vision for new things,either way we become victims of our past. struggle for like months,but now its all ended,leaving all the old baggage behind,straining toward what is ahead. (:

okay. everything was fine luh. had my own room,but share room with ger instead,it wasnt a air-con room. this few days keep on raining,& we keep on staying in air-con places for services for hours,IT WAS SO COLD LUH,see people trembling all the way. at night even we turn off the fan,its still so cold can. me & ger only covered with jacket,cause the blanket is so useless & dirty. ghz use it to clean her leg _|_. lol. well,i cant really sleep,& causing me to keep on yawning none stop. we have got to woke up like 6am every morning for devotion & only get to sleep at one plus. alright,games games games! & ARGOS won! hah. no luh,every group is a winner. "WE ARE RUNNING FOR A PURPOSE,FOR A CROWN THAT LASTS FOREVER SO,I'M PRESSING ON AND AT THE END,I'LL KNOW THE VICTORY IS WON." WE RAN & WE WON (: ya,its an great camp. looking forward for next year camp again. ANYWAY ANYWAY ANYWAY! christmas is only four days away! hurray! will be busying writting cards & shopping for present tmr! haha. okay. needa bath now,i just got home from shopping. so tired. so bye! (:

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