Tuesday, November 28, 2006


so like finally meet up the three girls. haha. i really miss them sososo much. went tiong meet up leen &hc at 230pm. saw handsome nic on bus. lol. they went trim eyebrown &stuffs. bus-ed to queensway to make hc's jeans. lunch. then took 14 to town. went heeren took leen's stuffs. took 65 to lil india. lol. stupid ron give the wrong direction. end up took mrt from farrer park right? to vivo. went toyRus to find ron. then she change &stuffs. shop around. then waiting for hc to shit. hahaah. suppose to cab to fu-nan,but the interview thingy close alrdy. so cab to tiong instead. they went rajah-inn for dinner. stay awhile &i left. bought cheese burger for sis &dad. mrt &hom-ed. well to leen&hc&ron,promise we meet up very soon again okay? haha. enjoy this simple day. anyway that's the only picture i can upload. haha. the rest on ron's blog. alright,gdbye. <33

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