Friday, November 17, 2006

if the day should come and you need someone,i'll be there <3

i'm here to post! morning,went school take stuffs. i saw peggy the sexy,my bestie. i like her new hair cut. (: then went make ic,meet hz after that. walk around at town,then had prayer meeting,supper,chatted on our way,then home-d.

someone ask me this today.
someone: eh walao why the hell you cry.
me: i dont know luh,dont ask me.
someone: damn emoshit leh you. siao.

hahahaha?oh whatever,*laugh*.

anyway,happy birthday charmaine tan chang pei :D<3 WHOO you're finally fifteen (:
you're considered a big girl now! hope you'll become a pretty girl in future,& also hope that you find yourself a good boyfriend soon! so i hope you'll grow up & get this "you dont wanne friend me,i dont wanne friend you too," mindset off your brain. you know i still love you okay? you can feel very free to tell me about your love things like how you & i did when we were in primary school. HAHAHA! oh ya,thankyou for watching grudgetwo with me! hah,okay. bye! gdnights sweet!<3

"despite of all these,i'm still reminiscing about those days when i have your head beside mine one the same pillow."

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