Thursday, November 02, 2006

didnt went for lesson today. woah~ i think mdm long gonne be like,"you think you like you come,dont like dont come". lol. i still wondering shld i go tmr. maybe i shld,maybe not. shall see how. alright. woke up at 11plus today. so used the com awhile. prepare & went to meet hz at control station to marinabay. we was late. so took bus there. :D went to the field there,had cell & played kite. our kite fly so high,higher then tm one. hahaha. but when you rolling back the string to keep that time,damn hard can. lol. i roll until my hand breaking. anyway shall post the photo when my sis come back home to fix the bloody thingy & after hz sent me those photos. after that had steamboat for dinner,yummy! hz fried egg for us,she cooked almost everything for us luh. she is so nice. lol. after eating,took some photos,then took bus,mrt & i walked home. thats all *:D is a fun day! GDBYE!

you're just like a star,the brightest star i can see & it smile to me *(:

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