Saturday, October 07, 2006

today,had tuition 2-4pm.
had to complete the worksheet later.
tmr morning have another session. :/
wont be able to attend church then.
all papers are easy but physic paper
two is damn hard. what i've studied all
didnt come out. i gonne pass everything
i have to luh,i'm not going to retain.
please dont fail. i dont wanne flunk
all paper like my midyr. no more!
and also i dont wanne change class,
i wanne sit with that woman! hahahahaa!

ohyeah.about that haze,damn. :(
is killing me,that stink smell.
okay whatever then. blahblahblah.

sometimes i hope there is someone there
to listen to me. sometimes i wish it
wouldnt hurt so much. i'm still digging
about the past.

i hope what i knew was fake please.
i feel like screaming and bang the table
real hard. i kept all in my heart,i just
wanna scream my lungs out. everything is
just sucky! i sucks even more.

bad day ):
oh well gdbye!

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